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Plant. Grow. Decorate.

Johnson Hardware & Rental is ready to help you Git-er'-done with a great selection of products, tools, and merchandise that provide you numerous options and exceptional value. Just ask any of our knowledgeable staff with help loading you car, truck, or trailer with any heavy items you need assistance with - we're happy to help.

• Bonnie Plants

• Pots & Planters

• Garden & Yard Tools

• Soils and Mulch

• Seeds, Fertilizer and Soil Amendments

• Solar Lights and Garden Decorations

• Weed Barrier

• Indoor Gardening Supplies

• Watering Solutions

• Pest Control and Fencing

• Thermometers and Rain / Humidity Gages

• Outdoor Workwear & Boots

• Echo Power Tools


Soil, Amendments, Fertilizers & Composts
We offer an excellent variety of organic and manufactured products from reputable manufacturers including Fox Farm Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom liquid fertilizers, Black Gold bag soils from potting soil to cactus and African violet, Jolly Gardener top soil, compost, raised bed mix, garden soil, potting soil & play sand, Vt Natural Ag Products MOO line of composts and soils, Roots Organic, and Lambert Pro Growers Mix and Peat Mosses.
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Jolly Gardner Soil & Potting Mix
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Mulch & Decorative Stone
Choose from traditional bark mulch in several colors and textures, crushed stone / river pebbles, or exotic materials like cocoa shells that add beauty and decorative accents to your garden or landscaping project. Bulk quantities of mulch available and we can load your trailer or truck on-site.
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SAVE 15% ON 5+

How much mulch to buy for landscaping:

  1. Measure your area to be covered and calculate the square footage. (Width, in feet, multiplied by length, in feet = Total Square Footage)
  2. Decide on the depth of mulch that you wish to spread. Two inches will give your beds a clean, dressed appearance while conserving moisture. Four inches will keep your gardens looking tidy longer and help to suppress weed growth. 
  3. Refer to the chart to determine the number of bags needed:
Desired Depth

2" Depth

4" Depth

2 Cu. Ft. Bag Covers

12 Square Feet

6 Square Feet

3 Cu. Ft. Bag Covers 

18 Square Feet

9 Square Feet

Landscaping Flowers, Herbs, and Vegetable Plants from Bonnie Plants
Selection and variety can all be found here with starter vegetable, herb & flower plants ready to go into the ground. Swing by and browse our complete inventory of plants and flowers for your garden and yard.

Bonnie Flowers

Ground Cover
Ground Cover


Bonnie Herbs



Bonnie Vegetables